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Vacuum Hardening Services

Sun Steel Treating provides metal vacuum hardening services for aerospace and industrial applications with the capability to process tooling up to 8,000 pounds. Our innovative vacuum hardening solutions provide your industrial tooling and equipment with a superior surface finish that resists wear and oxidation.

Sun Steel’s vacuum-hardened components are capable of performing reliably in the extreme conditions of modern manufacturing.

12-Bar Quench Pressure – 8,000 Pound Tooling Capacity

Our state-of-the-art vacuum hardening system is capable of reaching up to 12-bar quench pressure and features an 8,000-pound capacity capable of accommodating large industrial tooling projects. We utilize the latest furnace control software technology to deliver the precise metallurgical control required for aerospace manufacturing.

Our cutting-edge processing equipment combined with our unparalleled engineering expertise ensure a truly optimized heat treatment solution performed to the exact specifications and tolerances of your precision aerospace equipment.

How the Steel Vacuum Hardening Process Works

The vacuum hardening process is engineered to precisely heat steel and other metals in the absence of oxygen, thereby preserving the surface chemistry of the material. The treated components are convection heated within a medium of inert gas. Once it has reached the exact desired temperature, the metal is carefully cooled by a stream of nitrogen. The cooling rate is also precisely controlled by modifying the pressure of the nitrogen stream.

The result of the vacuum hardening process is enhanced tool steel that retains an extremely high level of hardness and superior surface finish without surface oxidation/decarburization.


The Advantages of Vacuum Hardened Tool Steel

Our vacuum heat treating processes preserve the surface chemistry of your aerospace tooling and prevents oxidation/decarburization.

  • Minimizes distortion to facilitate the highest precision tooling possible.
  • Maintains cleanliness and aesthetics of aerospace components.
  • Processed in a highly controlled vacuum environment.
  • Precise temperature control offers flexibility in intermediate heating and cooling cycles.
    Environmentally friendly and sustainable aerospace manufacturing solutions.

Vacuum Hardening Solutions Optimized for Aerospace and Industrial Applications

Located in South Lyon, Michigan, Sun Steel Treating is a leading provider of industrial vacuum hardening services throughout the greater Detroit area and Upper Midwest. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified American manufacturer, we specialize in vacuum hardening for the aviation sector and other high-performance industries. Our staff of experts stand ready to tackle your most challenging material applications.