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Metal Polishing for Nitrided Tooling and Steel Stamping Dies

Sun Steel Treating has specialized in Ionitriding® Class A Type 1 automotive body panel dies for over 40 years. These dies require polishing both before and after the nitriding process.  To ensure a proper finish, the Sun Steel Treating facility includes an in-house die polishing department.

Backed by decades of combined expertise in metallurgical engineering, Sun Steel’s integrated die polishing department helps your operation facilitate a more reliable and sustainable metal stamping process.

Complete Metal Finishing Services for the Die Stamping Industry

Our expert finishers can perform weld scaling, heat pop repair, as well as rough and finish polish before the Ionitride® process is applied. After Ionitriding®, our polishers will reproduce the polished surface finish of the die. Our polishers are experts in finishing all grades of cast iron and cast steel dies.

Quality-Enhanced Polishing Solutions for Stamping Dies and Tooling

Sun Steel’s metal polishing services are available for any cast stamping die – even if additional surface treatment is not required. We will also consult on custom finishing processes to help you determine the optimal method to extend the service life of your stamping dies.

Die Punch Finishing Services

Our specialized metal finishing services for punch and die equipment will help ensure your die punch operations continue to run smoothly and reliably. Die punch machines and tooling are subjected to extreme wear in many industrial applications. Sun Steel’s die punch finishing services will maximize the service life of your equipment while reducing the risk of component failures.

Metal Polishing Services for Stamping Dies and Industrial Tooling

Sun Steel Treating provides innovative metal treatments and metallurgical engineering services to a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Based in South Lyon, Michigan, our company is a leading provider within the automotive stamping industry. We offer specialized metal polishing solutions for stamping dies, tooling, and related industrial equipment, with the aim of maximizing performance and service life while minimizing equipment failures.

Established in 1958, Sun Steel is a leading provider of metal thermal processing and surface treatments for industrial clients throughout the Upper Midwest and beyond. Our company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified American manufacturer poised to accommodate the unique material challenges of your industrial equipment.