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Steel Normalizing Solutions

Normalizing is one of the numerous thermal hardening solutions we provide at Sun Steel Treating. Similar to annealing, normalizing is a relatively simple metallurgical process. Through carefully controlled heating and room-temperature cooling, normalizing improves the homogenization within the grain structure of tooling and other metal components.

Sun Steel performs this unique heat treating process after other thermal hardening services such as ion nitriding and vacuum hardening. The result is superior steel material with uniform strength and increased ductility.

An Overview of Sun Steel’s Metal Normalizing Services

What Is the Normalizing Process?

Normalizing is a unique ferritic thermal treatment that is engineered to enhance the strength, ductility, and machinability of tool steel and other ferrous metals. Normalizing services are performed after the material has undergone other thermal hardening processes, which sometimes creates residual stresses along with a surface that is difficult to machine.

How Does Steel Normalizing Work?

Like most metal surface treatments, our normalizing process heats the metal to an extremely high temperature to create uniformity within the material grain structure. The intense heating is followed by a steady cooling cycle at room temperature – unlike annealing, which slowly cools the components in a furnace. The careful heating and cooling cycles modify the microstructure of the steel, which relieves residual stress and makes the material more ductile.

The Advantages of Normalizing vs. Annealing

  • Normalized parts result in slightly higher tensile strength which improves durability.
  • Improved ductility and machinability compared to annealed metals.
  • A faster cooling process allows for increased throughput in high-volume applications.

Normalizing for Aerospace and Industrial Applications

Located in South Lyon, Michigan, Sun Steel Treating is a leading provider of normalizing and other thermal hardening services throughout the Upper Midwest. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified American manufacturer, we specialize in the development of innovative metal heat treating solutions for the aerospace industry and other cutting-edge applications. Our staff of experts stand ready to tackle your most difficult material challenges.