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IonWear® – A Low-Temperature Surface Hardening Treatment

IonWear® is an innovative, low-temperature surface hardening solution engineered to enhance corrosion resistance as well as the lubricant-retaining properties of metal components. Sun Steel’s trademarked surface treatment process is both environmentally safe and sustainable.

Essentially, IonWear® combines the benefits of our Ionitriding® and steam treating services. The high degree of wear resistance and corrosion protection results from a ceramic-in-nature structure that IonWear® creates on the surface of any ferrous metal products.

The Advantages of Our Trademarked Ion Surface Hardening Treatment

The IonWear® process creates a multi-layered structure of:

  • Iron-oxide (micro-porous Fe3O4) with excellent corrosion resistance, ability to retain lubricants and an aesthetically pleasant blue-black finish.
  • A compound layer of iron nitrides (F2-3N epsilon layer or Fe4N gamma prime, depending on application) with surface hardness of 65-70 HRC and low coefficient of friction.
  • A diffusion zone of up to 0.025″ (.6mm), rich in nitrides, which provides strength and fatigue properties with a slightly declining hardness distribution, back to the base material hardness.
  • The thickness of these layers can be tailored to achieve specific tribological and engineering properties.

Backed by the Latest Innovations in Metallurgical Engineering

Sun Steel Treating offers a complete range of metal treatment processes that are engineered to accommodate the most cutting-edge aerospace and industrial tooling applications. Based in South Lyon, Michigan, our facility is a premier provider of specialized surface hardening and heat treating services to the greater Detroit area, the Upper Midwest, and beyond.

Our company is proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified American manufacturer backed by the latest technology and advancements in metallurgical engineering solutions.