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Surface Heat Treatment for Enhanced Plastic Molding Equipment and Tooling

Modern plastic molding applications require reliable precision-made tooling and equipment. Sun Steel’s specialized thermal treatment services will improve the strength and longevity of your injection molds and related equipment, while simultaneously protecting treated surfaces from contamination and corrosion.

Applying the latest advances in metallurgical engineering to cutting-edge injection molding and thermoforming processes, Sun Steel helps your operation realize more productive and dependable plastic molding solutions.

Thermal Treated Tool Steel and Components for Plastic Molding Operations

Innovative Metal Treating Solutions Engineered for the Plastic Molding Sector

Sun Steel Treating is an innovator in metallurgical engineering solutions for the plastic and injection molding industry. We offer specialized metal heat treatment and surface hardening processes that are engineered to enhance the overall quality of industrial molds and molding equipment.

Located in South Lyon, Michigan, our company has remained one of the greater Midwest’s premier metal treatment providers since 1958. Get in touch to discover how Sun Steel can maximize the performance and productivity of your plastic molding operation.