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Steel Heat Treating Services for Military and Defense Products

Sun Steel Treating proudly provides leading United States military and defense contractors with superior MIL-spec equipment through our range of metallurgical engineering solutions.

Our state-of-the-art steel heat treatment processes are designed to enhance both the quality and reliability of steel military parts, components, and assemblies, as well as the industrial tooling used to manufacture defense industry products. From heat treated military aircraft parts to nitrided tooling and defense field equipment, Sun Steel has delivered quality-enhanced military and industrial products since 1958.

Enhancing the Quality, Performance, and Longevity of MIL-Spec Steel Products

Metal Heat Treatment Services and Surface Hardened Military Products

Sun Steel Treating is proud to service our nation’s military and defense contractors through our range of quality-enhancing metallurgical engineering solutions. Our specialized thermal treatment processes are engineered to maximize the quality, consistency, and longevity of virtually any MIL-spec products – from steel tooling and basic field equipment to complex military aircraft parts.

Located in South Lyon, Michigan, Sun Steel stands as one of the Upper Midwest’s premier metal treatment providers for defense and aviation applications. Get in touch to discover how Sun Steel can enhance your custom military and defense products.