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Heat Treated Automotive Components and Industrial Tooling

Sun Steel Treating is a leading provider of metal thermal treatment services for automotive tooling and components. Our heat treated automotive components are enhanced to reliably withstand the harshest operational conditions. Treat metal products offer improved surface hardness, better resistance to wear, as well as protection against rust and corrosion.

Sun Steel is capable of processing a wide range of automotive projects – from precision heat treated automotive components to industrial automotive tooling up to 60,000 pounds. Our company has been providing Ionitriding® Class A Type 1 automotive body panel dies for over 40 years.

Our engineers use the latest innovations in materials science to develop optimized industrial metal treatment processes for the unique demands of modern automotive manufacturing and service. The result is superior metallurgical engineering solutions that your automotive operation can count on when quality matters most.

  • General Motors Approved Heat Treater – GM Spec AWQ49657
  • Honda Approved Heat Treater – Honda Spec PEBU-DMP-QLTY-QD-CA

Superior Metallurgical Engineering Solutions for Automotive Manufacturers

Sun Steel Treating’s Ionitriding® is the solution for quality-focused automotive manufacturers worldwide. It’s our trademarked ion nitriding / plasma nitriding process that provides your equipment with:

  • Higher fatigue strength.
  • Improved resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • Extended service life for automotive tooling.
  • Less maintenance requirements.

Plasma Nitriding for Forged and Hot Formed Automotive Components

Automotive forging and hot forming applications are commonly faced with expensive tooling repairs that require costly downtime and further disruptions to the production line.

Sun Steel’s trademarked ion nitriding process gives automotive manufactures a low-temperature, environmentally friendly solution that produces high-strength, wear-resistant cases for forging equipment.

Ion Nitriding for Better Automotive Plastics and Molded Parts

From injection molded automotive parts to extruded plastics, processing industrial plastic material exhibits extreme wear on even the highest quality steel tooling and equipment.

Even conventionally nitrided and case-hardened steels can wear too fast for high-volume automotive projects, leading to costly maintenance requirements and production downtime. Sun Steel’s plasma nitrided dies provide you with a more efficient and reliable solution for your molded automotive components.

Complete Automotive Thermal Treatment and Surface Hardening Solutions

In addition to our innovative ion nitriding processes, Sun Steel Treating provides a full range of metallurgical engineering services designed to enhance and optimize the production capabilities of automotive parts makers.

Metal Straightening for Automotive Applications

Sun Steel provides metal straightening for automotive applications. Our fully outfitted straightening department is equipped with 18 screw presses and 3 hydraulic presses. We can also provide press, peen, flame, hammer, and vibro peening straightening services for a range of automotive parts applications.

Superior Thermal Treating Solutions for Automotive Parts and Production Tooling

Sun Steel Treating is a leading provider of metallurgical engineering services for the automotive manufacturing industry. Our facility has proudly served commercial automotive applications since 1958 through our innovative metal heat treatment and surface hardening services. Located in South Lyon, Michigan, Sun Steel remains one of the leading automotive heat treaters throughout the greater Midwest and beyond.