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Ion Nitriding and Heat Treating Solutions for Aerospace Components

Sun Steel Treating proudly serves the cutting-edge aerospace industry with a complete range of metal heat treatment services and surface hardening solutions. Our aim is to provide higher quality, consistency, and reliability in the production of precision aerospace parts and tooling.

Through innovative metallurgical engineering processes such as ion nitriding, vacuum hardening, steel steam treating and stress relieving, Sun Steel delivers superior aerospace components to leading aviation providers throughout the nation.

Engineering Better Aviation Components with Ion Nitriding

Ion nitriding is commonly used in aerospace manufacturing applications to enhance the material properties of components. For example, the plasma nitriding process is often used in welding applications to reduce heat distortion and weld corrosion – both of which are imperative when it comes to the fabrication of precision aerospace parts. Other advantages for aviation productions include a more durable, wear-resistant tool surface, higher fatigue strength, and a lower coefficient of friction.

Sun Steel Treating’s trademarked Ionitriding® process is a method of surface hardening that produces nitrided cases for premium aviation components. The process uses glow discharge technology to release nitrogen ions that coat the surfaces of your aerospace tooling, thus optimizing the material properties to deliver higher performance and enhanced durability.

We perform this process in vacuum vessels at extremely low temperatures (750°-1040°F or 400°-560°C). This unique ion nitriding process can be applied to most ferrous metal components that are used in the manufacturing of aerospace products.

  • Increases resistance to wear, fatigue, and corrosion for your aerospace tooling and equipment.
  • Improves resistance to cracking, erosion, and corrosion to maximize the reliability and longevity of your aerospace tooling.
    • This is due to compressed stresses induced by the plasma nitriding process and the formation of hard, compacted nitrided layers. Sun Steel Treating achieves case depths up to 0.025″ or 0.6mm deep.
  • Lowers coefficient of friction (typical 0.10 against steel).
  • Advanced stress relieving properties are achieved within the same process.

Vacuum Hardened Aerospace Parts and Precision Tooling Treatment

Sun Steel Treating is one of the nation’s leading providers of vacuum hardening services for aerospace applications, capable of accommodating aviation tooling and industrial equipment up to 8,000 lbs.

Our state-of-the-art vacuum furnaces feature the latest furnace control software technology to deliver the precise metallurgical control required for aerospace manufacturing. Our cutting-edge processing equipment, combined with our unparalleled engineering expertise, ensure a truly optimized thermal treatment solution performed to the exact specifications and tolerances of your precision aerospace equipment.

Sun Steel’s vacuum heat treating processes preserve the surface chemistry of your aerospace tooling and prevents oxidation along with decarburization.

  • Minimizes distortion to improve subsequent machining processes and facilitate the highest quality, most consistent components possible.
  • Improves surface finish offering premium aesthetics for aerospace parts and industrial tooling.
  • All custom treated aviation products are processed in a highly controlled vacuum environment to maintain cleanliness and consistency.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable aerospace manufacturing solutions.

Aerospace Heat Treating and Thermochemical Processing Since 1958

Sun Steel Treating offers innovative metallurgical engineering services designed to meet the precision requirements of modern aerospace and aviation manufacturers worldwide.

Located in South Lyon, Michigan, our company has evolved into one of the aviation industry’s leading heat treaters and surface hardening providers throughout the greater Midwest and beyond. Our team of engineering experts are ready to tackle your most critical aerospace material challenges.