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Quality Commercial Heat Treating Services Since 1958

Founded in 1958 and based out of South Lyon, Michigan, Sun Steel Treating specializes in providing our customers with quality metal heat treating solutions backed by exceptional quality, expertise, and timeliness. Our expertise spans a diverse range of commercial heat treating applications including surface hardening, vacuum hardening, steam treating, and straightening processes.

Located in South Lyon, Michigan – Serving the Greater Midwest and Beyond

At our main facility in South Lyon, west of Detroit, we have invested heavily in the most technologically advanced equipment for processing commercial metal parts. The majority of our state-of-the-art production equipment has been designed and built in-house by our expert engineering team.

Our Pledge: Exceptional Quality, Expertise, and Timeliness

Sun Steel Treating has been one of the nation’s leading commercial heat treaters since 1958. Our company has the engineering expertise, production capacity, and the quality control technology needed to provide you with the most comprehensive and environmentally responsible heat treating and surface treatment processes in the world.

In 1981 we pioneered the use of plasma Nitriding as a viable surface hardening treatment. Sun Steel Treating has since trademarked and registered this process as Ionitriding®. Our company has also pioneered combining the benefits of Ionitriding® and steam treating to develop IonWear®.

Sun Steel Treating continues to make improvements in our equipment, technology, and production processes to meet the diverse application needs of modern manufacturing. We strive to remain a leader in the commercial heat treating and surface treating sector through both our superior capabilities and quality assurance.

Optimized Heat Treatment Solutions Engineered for Your Application

Sun Steel Treating offers complete metallurgical services to meet the demanding requirements of our customers. Our staff of experts stand ready to tackle your toughest heat treating application.