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Vacuum Heat Treating and Ionitriding®

Sun Steel Treating provides innovative metal heat treating services backed by exceptional quality, expertise, and timeliness. Whether it’s hardening alloys, carbon steels, tool steels, or high speed specialty steels, our engineers apply the precise metallurgical processes which will yield an optimal material solution.

Dedicated to delivering responsive and sustainable commercial heat treating solutions, Sun Steel Treating continually strives to be the most environmentally responsible heat treating facility throughout Michigan and the greater Midwest.

Our Services

Straightening Services

Sun Steel Treating operates an atmospherically controlled straightening department which consists of 18 screw presses and 3 hydraulic presses with 24-, 75-, and 150-ton capacities. Methods of straightening include press, peen, flame, hammer, and vibro peening.

Industries Served




Medical Instruments

Military Defense

Oil and Gas

Plastic Molding

Power Generation

Tool and Die

Innovative Heat Treating Solutions for the Die Cast Industry

Sun Steel is a leader in the development of heat treating services for ferrous die casted products and tooling. Applying the latest advances in metallurgical engineering to the industrial die casting process, our custom metal treatment solutions help pave the way for higher quality, more durable and dependable cast iron products.

We specialize in high pressure die cast (HPDC) dies which are used in high grade hotwork tool steel for their inserts. These inserts require unique heat treatment cycles as well as very specific heat treat furnaces. Sun Steel Treating has the expertise and equipment to handle any HPDC die insert up to 8,000lbs.

Quality Heat Treating and Surface Hardening Services Since 1958

Sun Steel Treating provides complete, quality-backed metallurgical services engineered to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. Founded in 1958 and based out of South Lyon, Michigan, our company remains one of the leading commercial heat treaters throughout the greater Midwest. Our staff of experts stand ready to tackle your most challenging material applications.